The House Ear Institute is a preeminent institution for ear-related scientific research. HEI has active collaborations with the UCLA Department of Head and Neck Surgery, St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, Huntington Medical Research Institutes in Pasadena, California, and other major hospital and research institutions. HEI continues to sponsor and fund clinical and translational research projects related to the ear, hearing and skull base surgery. Clinical and translational research projects are given high priority, with a focus on developing treatments that will directly benefit patients.  House Clinic physicians work closely with the House Ear Institute on clinical research projects.

HEI Research programs

Cochlear Implant Research Programs
  • Cochlear Implants in Single Sided Deafness
  • Clinical implementation of image guided cochlear implant stimulation strategy (Collaborative study with Vanderbilt University)
  • Management of Misplaced Cochlear Implant Electrodes
  • Characteristics of Low SES Hearing Impaired Children Post Cochlear Implantation
Auditory Brainstem Research Programs
  • ABI in NF2 patients: treatment outcomes
  • ABI in Non-NF2 patients
  • ABI in congenital hearing loss (with Huntington Medical Research Institutes)
  • Evoked auditory brainstem audiometry in children
Hearing Aid Research Programs
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery
  • Wireless noise-attenuating headset for hearing screening
  • Ear canal optical coherent tomography system
NF-2/Acoustic Neuroma/Skull Base Surgery Research Program
  • Development of an Integrated Bio-specimen Bank and Multidisciplinary Database for Neural Tumors
  • NF-2 Clinical drug Trial
  • Sensorineural hearing loss in Glomus Tumors
Treatment Trial of Sensori-Neural Hearing Loss and Meniere’s Disease
  • Extended Release Fluticasone for Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease by Intra-cochlear Administration
  • Use of antiviral Famvir in the treatment of Meniere’s disease
Chronic Ear Disease and Otosclerosis
  • Retrospective outcomes research on the use of TORPs in revision stapedectomy
Fred H. Linthicum, MD

Fred H. Linthicum, MD

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