Meniere’s Disease is a very specific diagnosis, and is only one cause of vertigo. To make the diagnosis of Meniere’s, an individual  must have:

  • At least two episodes of spinning vertigo lasting at least 20 minutes, sever enough to stop activities 
  • Tinnitus (ringing) and or fullness in the involved ear(s)
  • Sensorineural hearing loss, preferably documented on an audiogram (hearing test), that will often fluctuate

For many patients, the symptom of vertigo is the most distressing. Most patients with Meniere’s Disease are able to get good control of their symptom of vertigo with medication and diet. Both untreated allergies and migraines may also worsen or cause the vertigo of Meniere’s disease. In some cases, surgery is necessary to control the vertigo symptoms. Ask your physician at the House Ear Clinic about diagnostic tests, and especially treatment options if you have, or have been told you may have Meniere’s disease.

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