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How to Deal With Motion Sickness

Motion sickness — an inner ear disorder that causes nausea, dizziness and even vomiting — is an unpleasant but common occurrence on car, boat and plane trips, says Dr. Jennifer Derebery, a physician at the House Clinic in Los Angeles who specializes in ear disorders.... read more

EMMY Magazine article on overcoming hearing loss

Hello Dr. Slattery, I just want to share with you (and everyone else at House) a featured article on my personal story of overcoming hearing loss which just came out in the most recent issue of EMMY magazine. I truly hope that my story may help inspire other people... read more

The Descent Makes Your Head Ache

When your plane is descending, the tube behind your eardrum is forced to work overtime to adjust to the rapidly changing air pressure. “It’s opening and trying to equalize the pressure, which is why almost everyone feels some popping in their ears,” says Jennifer... read more

10 Gadgets for Surviving a Noisy Flight

From noise canceling headphones to VR headsets Getting comfortable on a long flight can be difficult for many reasons. The cabin is too cold or warm, the infant sitting three rows behind you is incessantly crying, or perhaps your neighbor is a chronic snorer. Noisy... read more