HEI EarKids

House Ear Institute’s mission includes the advancement of global hearing health. In the less populated parts of California, as well as worldwide, there are few providers of services for pediatric audiology, speech pathology, and establishing timely follow-up services for newborn hearing screening can be difficult.

EarKids (SM) is House Ear Institute’s Global Health program for advancing the care of children with hearing loss worldwide. House Ear Institute partners with public health professionals, audiologists, speech pathologists, and researchers at several institutions in Southern California and abroad to identify and intervene for children who lack of appropriate resources for their hearing loss.

Projects include determining the scope of the problem, Identifying gaps in recent and resource provision, and training parents of children with hearing loss in the appropriate use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other auditory devices used to treat hearing loss. By studying patient groups in California and in countries such as Paraguay, we hope to be able to determine the best way to provide adequate resources for intervention for children in rural areas.  Teleservices and appropriate tablet and computer-based training applications will allow for expanded services and leverage technology to reach more children.

EarKids is a Service Mark (SM) of House Ear Institute.

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